Let’s get to know “Baccarat”.

Let’s get to know “Baccarat”.

Baccarat is a casino game. that is played using playing cards, is very popular in playing online casino because playing is similar to playing Pok-deng in Thai style.
Baccarat will have 52 cards that will alternately deal cards out of the box called shoe. The goal is for players to count the cards as close to 9 as possible.

  • Which cards are 10, Jack, Mam, and King will be counted as 0• and other cards will be counted according to the numbers of that card, i.e., 1-9.

    Counting Points

    If assuming there are cards in the second hand, 8 and 8 cards together will get 16, but we count. Just the numbers on the back Which is equal to 6 means that the player has a point in the hand of 6, which will have to fight with the banker whether the points will be more, less, or draw with the dealer.

    The dealer will deal two cards to the player and also to the dealer. which will hold the cards Whoever gets an eight and gets a nine is dealt face up and wins immediately, unless the dealer gets the same points. or more

    If it happens that the points are equal the game is always considered. and if that happens the dealer’s point or that If it happens that the player has less than 4 points, another card must be drawn. In order to win the last card as close to 9 as possible and playing like this will play Baccarat in the form of online

    casino baccarat Online baccarat is different with Baccarat casino where players can choose which side they choose to play on. Whether it’s the banker’s side or the player’s side

    But if you choose to play on the side The dealer or BANKER will be deducted from the water bill, which will pay 1:0.95 or bet 100, pay 95 baht itself and still have to guess that Both will come out as a tie, which will pay at 1:8 or bet 100, pay 800 baht.

    ** Gambling is risky. You should choose carefully before betting. and only play as much as you can afford **

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